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    [] Vengeful Spirit [] - Clickrush's Guide to VS

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    [] Vengeful Spirit [] - Clickrush's Guide to VS

    Post by -cS^sWiTcHFooT on Fri Dec 18, 2009 1:07 pm

    clickrush's Guide to VS

    ++++Hero Analysis and Explanation++++



    Venge has very low starting strength and intelligence. Her agility
    growth is low for an agility hero. Her range and movementspeed are also
    below average.


    Her strength gain is high for a ranged hero and she has the highest starting agility.


    Magic Missile:

    The range, duration and cooldown are average in comparison to other
    ranged stuns. The damage is high. Use it to disable and damage enemies.
    Normaly you can use it two times during a gang. Also, use it to
    interrupt channeling spells and TPs.

    Wave of Terror:

    An underestimated and very useful skill with strong debuffs. Wave gives
    vision in a large area. Use it to cripple enemies, cancel clarities and
    potions, disable daggers and scout.

    Command Aura:

    Lategame support skill. Only base damage and damage from stats is
    increased (ie - raw damage is not increased). If you want to increase
    Venge's damage with this skill, then buy agility and IAS items.

    Nether Swap:

    This skill needs the most experience and fastest reflexes. Use it
    carefully until you come to understand the uses of swapping as well as
    its risks. Use it to interrupt channeling spells and TPs. Since this is
    an ult, you can also interrupt heroes that are magic immune (bkb), but
    note that the swap itself will not occur.

    Skill Build:

    18-25: Stats

    Note: The stats I include in between are not vital, but will help make
    up for her low starting int and str. You can skip them if you want and
    directly max wave after MM.


    Her disables, debuff and aura make her a typical supporter. She can be
    played as a babysitter (lanesupport) or a roamer (ganksupport). You can
    also play her as a semicarry to some extent, but remember that, unlike
    Mirana (the prototypical semicarry), she has neither heavy burst damage
    or a reliable escape mechanism. Furthermore,swap often puts Venge in a
    precarious position - it is done for the "greater good" and not to get
    kills for herself. Compared to other supporters, she does not have a
    key aura like rilay, she cannot heal/protect like abba or omni, and she
    doesnt harrass like warlock or lich. If you want to pick her, then it
    should be for her very aggressive (if somewhat suicidal) skillset, that
    is used to initiate brutal combos. Playing Venge is all about
    positioning, timing and good teamplay.

    ++++Starting and Preparation++++


    Start with picking her at the Neutral Agility building.
    If you have a mate with you playing or even a team, then I recommend
    your ally picks one of the following heroes if you want to go on a

    Group 1: Melee heroes with
    (mostly short ranged) stuns/slows: Slardar, Centaur, Dragon Knight,
    Brewmaster, Beastmaster, Earthshaker, Axe, Kunkka, Leoric, Tiny,
    Sandking, Levi, TC, Pudge, NA, Sven, Naix, CK, Ursa

    Group 2: Melee/short Range Heroes that deal a shitload of damage early: Juggernaut, Lanaya, Razor (static link), Huskar

    Group 3: Ranged/Disablers/Nukers: Zeus, Rhasta, Lina, Tinker...

    Group 4: Carry that needs a huge amount of farm to provide anything.

    As you see I divided possible lanepartners into 4 groups. This has to
    do with your role as a supporter. Since you do not want to farm alot of
    gold, its recommended to get partners from group 1 or 2. Many of these
    heroes need a large amount of gold to buy core items like dagger,
    armlet or other expensive items. Group 1 gives the most predictable
    results while group 2 can be risky since most of these heroes are
    fragile and do not have a disable of their own. Group 3 is for when
    you'd like an early game advantage, while group 4 is used to gain a
    late-game advantage.

    You have 4 laning possibilities...

    ...Long lane solo with a jungler nearby such as axe or cent (semicarry)
    ...Any duallane (babysitter)
    ...Roaming from start (roamer)
    ...Short lane tripple at start & roaming (roamer)

    I recommend you choose the duallane since it's results are the most
    reliable. The other possibilities are more advanced and risky.


    Start with 3xbranches, 2 sets of tangos and a clarity. Use the rest of
    your 200g to buy a chick/circlet/stick/Ring of Protection. Get boots of
    Speed as fast as possible and then fill your inventory up with a magic
    wand and 1-2 bracers or 2-3 wraiths. Concerning the boots upgrade
    everything is viable. The most stable selection would be
    powertreads(str), especialy if you chose to make wraiths instead of
    bracers. BoT is ofc the best option, but do not cripple yourself early
    game by not upgrading boots fast enough. A boots upgrade is very

    Starting Build:

    + & / & / &

    Core Build:

    Optional Items and Extensions:

    Solid and cheap upgrade that gives room for mistakes and increases dps.

    Phasing comes in handy while constantly hitting&running, especialy if you have a decent APM-Rate.

    The best upgrade to be omnipresent. If you can afford it...

    Recommended for roaming and juking.

    Agha has an extremely usefull buildup and the bonus to VS' ult is amazing.

    VS cannot wield a dagger and this item gives you a major positioning,
    escaping and chasing ability. Use it defensively after swap, jump over
    cliffs or pull an opponent into your allies.

    Get this item for mindgames and defensive purposes. Very good against glasscannons.

    Lategame Choices:

    Get this to dodge spells and for positioning.

    VS profits from all the stats manta gives, while it also has a nice
    buildup. You can dodge spells with it, confuse your enemy for some
    seconds and it provides decent dps.

    Inventory I mostly get:
    (according to dotaleague dz stats)

    ++++Strategy and Builds++++

    -earlygame laneing/roaming-

    In the early stage of the game you have two different goals. Most importantly, you'd like to cripple and kill your enemies. You're also trying to allow your ally to farm freely.


    Position yourself aggressively but always keep nearby defensive spots in mind (your tower, your ally and juking spots).

    To gain lane position, pull creepwaves if possible.

    Attack your opponent(s) with your physical attack whenever possible.

    Use your stun immediately if an opponent attacks you, so your
    lanepartner has the possiblity to deal damage and prolong the disable
    with his own.

    If the opponent walks back, then move with them unless there are many
    enemy creeps nearby. If there aren't any, then stun him and attack.

    If the opponent is being attacked by creeps then stun him and attack.

    If you have full mana then stun the opponent with less HP.

    Do not farm creeps. Only deny and harrass. Sometimes if your partner
    can't get a creep then you can get it yourself, but don't concentrate
    on this.


    Position yourself defensively and call the jungler to pull waves to improve lane position.

    The jungler should repeatedly visit your lane and harrass or gank one
    of your opponents. This should be easy to do because you will have a
    level advantage.

    Concentrate on lasthitting and denying.

    Use your stun immediately if an opponent attacks you and hit him a few times if possible.

    Avoid getting harassed by your enemies or creeps.

    If you notice an enemy missing, then check your jungle to help your jungler if possible.

    If the opponent walks back, then move with them unless there are many
    enemy creeps nearby. If there aren't any, then stun him and attack.

    If the opponent is being attacked by creeps then stun him and attack.

    If you have full mana then stun the opponent with less HP.

    Do not harrass too much because your attack range is pretty short. Concentrate on farming and play passively/reactively.


    Roaming from the start is an advanced playstyle and I don't recommend
    this for beginners. I do not play Venge often as a roamer and I'm only
    successful about 50% of the time with this strategy.

    The easiest and most common way to play a roaming venge is to start
    with a triple lane, and pop out on the midlane occasionally. In general
    a roaming venge is played like a babysitter venge with some exceptions.

    You have to net assists/kills with this playstyle because you will be heavily underleveled if you don't.

    Do not stay visible on a lane for longer than a few seconds.

    Constantly check all lanes. Check the mana of all laners, check where the next creepwaves will clash.

    Check and use runes to provide advantages.

    Constantly communicate with your team. A common call to make reads as follows: "omw(on my way) [location](jungle/top/mid/bot)".

    If you are near a lane that should/can be ganked, then find a nearby
    spot where you can hide or immediatly initiate with your stun.

    If there's an empty lane then freefarm 1-2 waves and continue roaming.

    Use TPs to travel faster and one observer ward to provide runesight. Runes spawn every 2 minutes.

    Get your extensions

    As I stated in the preparation section, you should beef up with some
    stats and movementspeed. The next item you want to include in your
    corebuild is highly dependant on the playstyle you chose.


    Observer Wards, crow, point booster, any supporting item such as RoB,
    Pipe etc. OR a cheap defensive item such as forcestaff or blademail,
    upgrade boots to phase or pt(str) if possible.


    Upgrade boots to pt(str) asap and get a yasha OR get quarterstaff+claymore.


    Oberver Wards, bottle, crow, point booster, cheap defensive item (forcestaff/blademail)

    -midgame ganking/farming/pushing-

    This stage of the game is highly influenced on the early style you
    chose. If you played as a babysitter or roamer, then you will gank/roam
    and support during towerpushes constantly. If you chose to semicarry
    then you will be 70% ganking and 30% farming.

    Ganking: Venge is not a good
    sologanker but a very good ganksupport, since she can initiate with
    stun and/or swap and scout with wave. Your main ganker will do most of
    the damage and should also get the kills. If you managed a sololane
    however, you will be overleveled and overfarmed; thus, you'll be able
    to semicarry/maingank but that's genearally not the case. To support
    ganks you want to constantly have Observer Wards with you, and basicly
    ward the runespots + some routes in the enemy jungle.

    Pushing: Use wave to scout behind the enemy tower, if you push a tower. Never push alone since you cannot do it fast enough.

    Farming: Use freefarm
    opportunites, but do not concetrate heavily on farming. If you need
    Purge/Wards/Dust/Pipe then farm it. Everything else can wait. Mostly
    you want to gang and ward. Ofc, there are times when ganking is too
    risky, use this time to farm.

    -lategame ganking/pushing-

    During lategame it is very important to kill the enemy carry (the one
    with the best dmg items). So you will start to do suicide swaps to
    achieve this. Even if you have farmed some good items, you won't
    out-dps any real carry (PA, TB) or, even worse, an anticarry (Troll,
    Void). Wave now has an important role in crippling the carry in
    addition to Magic Missile.


    The main difference from lategame and midgame farming is the fact, that
    you have to save rebuy money. I also highly recommend getting Aghanim's
    at this stage, if you have not gotten it so far, because disables and
    positioning play such a huge role in the game..

    ++++Tactics and Moves++++

    Here is some advice, that will come in handy sometimes. The advice
    doesn't apply in all situations and is fairly simmple, but it should
    help you keep important apects of gameplay in mind.

    In general you will stun, hit and run to get as many stuns and waves
    out as possible until you have an advantage and can stick to hitting
    with your physical attack. It is important to constantly position
    yourself to "play" with your opponents and to make better stuns and
    swaps possible.


    Order of Styles:

    A) The enemy is aware of a clash/gang
    1. Start with wave to disable daggers and to have superior vision.
    2. Swap
    3. Use your defensive item (blademail/force/lothar/manta/bkb)

    4. Stun

    B) The enemy is not aware of a clash/gang
    1. If you have the time, get close and start with stun
    2. Swap
    3. Use your defensive item
    4. Stun if you didn't do it already.

    5. Use wave.

    Order of Enemies:

    1. Never initiate on a AoE stunners (Tide, ES...) if possible.
    2. Never initiate on a Tank (Cent, BB...) if possible.
    3. Initiate on one of the nearby enemies.

    4. Nukers (Tinker,Zeus...) and single disablers (Rhasta, Bane...) are first priority since they die fast.
    5. Carries (Troll, Spec...) have second priority since they have to die more often.


    Escaping Techniques:

    1. Stun a slower/disabler
    2. Swap a nearby enemy, that is near an escape route.
    3. Swap a nearby ally stunner/tank with high hp and mp.
    4. Use wave to cripple enemy damage.
    5. Use your defensive item.
    6. Try to hide in fog (juke) and use your TP.


    Saving Techniques:

    1. Swap chased teammates if you have good hp or their survival is more important than yours.

    2. Stun a slower/disabler.
    3. Use wave to cripple enemy damage.
    4. If you swapped then use a defensive item.
    5. If you have purchased force staff then use it to push your mate.


    Chasing Techniques:

    1. Do not spam your stun mindlessly. Either swap or stun must be ready if the opponent trys to use a TP.
    2. After a stun/swap immediatly get close and block your enemys way
    3. If the opponent has an escape mechanism, then try to find out where
    he would blink/pseudoblink after you stunned/swaped him. Get in his way.
    4. Refresh the armour debuff from wave, but also have the CD ready if he tries to juke you.


    Scouting with Wave:

    1. If you're farming then use wave on nearby hiding spots to scout for incomming gangs
    2. If you're pushing then use wave to scout behind the tower and nearby hiding spots.
    3. If you're ganking then use wave to scout nearby hiding spots and to
    scout your prey (if you're near enough that he wont escape after it).

    4. Use wave to scout runes faster.
    5. If an enemy hides in fog then use wave on that area.

    ++++Replay Section v.64++++

    First of all be aware of the highskilled playstyle in these matches.
    They are much faster and more coordinated than a public game. The Venge
    players here focus on their role as supporters and will mostly not get
    anything beyound bracers, wand, wards and boots. In publics you will
    farm a lot more since you cannot rely that much on your teammates.
    Nonetheless, these replays give good insight on how VS should be played
    especialy if you concentrate on the fighting style of these players.

    fnatic vs nfinity F4F semi finals game 1

    VS is played by Ducky (Fnatic MSI) here and gives a good example of a
    supporting and roaming Venge. Earlygame he starts in a triple lane with
    ES and Mirana. They manage to get FB and a second kill immediately
    afterward. After that Ducky splits his time between roaming and laning
    with Slardar (Loda). Note how Ducky constantly scouts important spots
    with wave. After reaching lvl 6 he manages to be at the right place at
    the right time to swap, initiating deadly combos. Note that he wards
    very aggressively. This provides sight to all the key spots where
    Fnatic can set up gangs. In the end he managed to get the most assists
    and almost no kills. Perfect support. Game won.

    dmz vs mcity F4F R1:

    Here you can watch a babysitter Venge played by Mario (MCiTY), who
    laned with Shatan (Morph) against a triple lane. They were under heavy
    pressure so Tonton (ES) had to help out a bit. Venge is not taking away
    farm from Morph so he was able to get some expensive items. She also
    hid in fog quite often to net some kills. Her warding was very
    defensive at the beginning to protect her carry (jungle entrance + lane
    entrance). The early magic stick + juking helped her to survive some
    attacks. Watch how she initiated a gang at 24mins against QoP (Black).
    She started with wave and probably alarmed Black too early before a
    stun/swap could occur (I am not quite sure if they even had a chance to
    get her, but it illustrates that wave is not a good initiation skill
    for a surprise gang if the opponent has an escape mechanism.)

    fnatic vs sgc F4F R2:

    Here's another replay with Ducky. This time he babysat Loda (Spectre).
    Note how he uses his early stuns very reactively for saving purposes.
    During babysitting he also positions himself often aggressively, and
    fokusses on denieing creeps to let Loda freefarm. He manages to do some
    very nice swaps again, with two escape swaps included (30min/39min
    marks). Also an important mention: he never panics if he has a stun
    ready! This replay shows how important it is to get as many stuns and
    waves out as possible. Have fun watching!

    MyM vs MCiTY F4F R2:

    PusHer is playing a babysitter VS at mid lane and also roaming with a
    bottle very early. Watch this replay for the hit and run playstyle and
    intelligent scouting with wave.

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    Re: [] Vengeful Spirit [] - Clickrush's Guide to VS

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    Good work... upload Shadow Shahmans, if posible...

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