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    [] Shadow Shaman [] - Wards'up?

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    [] Shadow Shaman [] - Wards'up?

    Post by -cS^sWiTcHFooT on Sat Dec 19, 2009 3:28 pm

    Rhasta, the Shadow Shaman

    ~Guide Index

    I. Foreward
    II. Story/Stats/Skills/Pros and Cons/Role
    III. Builds
    IV. Early Game Strategy
    V. Mid Game Strategy
    VI. Late Game Strategy
    VII. Good Allies and Bad Enemies
    VIII. Screenshots/Combos
    XI. Replays
    XIII. Last Word

    I. Foreward

    so far, nobody has yet to post a significant guide to Rhasta, excluding
    the draft guides. So I'm here, to patch up piece by piece, Rhasta's
    usefulness, skill build, item build, and a whole lot more.

    Also, this guide is not suited for competitive play. So, if you're
    searching for competitive play for Rhasta, then you might need to
    search the web for it.

    II. Story/Stats/Skills

    1. Story

    Once a gifted troll witch doctor, young Rhasta was well versed with the
    secrets of voodoo magic. When the war between the Sentinel and the
    Scourge began, Rhasta, then a Shadow Hunter, offered his allegiance to
    the Sentinels to vanquish the Scourge once and for all. While he was
    gifted as a witch doctor, Rhasta is a genius as a shadow hunter,
    exceeding his master by mastering the art of summoning multiple serpent
    wards, binding enemies for a short time and casting elemental lightning
    to several units.

    2. Stats

    Str: 19 + 1.6
    Agi: 16 + 1.6
    Int: 21 + 3 (Primary Attribute)

    Affiliation: Neutral
    Attack Animation: 0.3 / 0.5
    Damage: 42 - 49
    Casting Animation: 0.3 / 1.07
    Armor: 1.3
    Base Attack Time: 1.7
    Movespeed: 285
    Missile Speed: 900
    Attack Range: 500
    Sight Range: 1800 / 800

    3. Skills

    Ether Shock
    Mana Cost: 95/105/135/160
    Cooldown: 10 secs
    Casting Range: 600
    AoE: 200
    Duration: N/A
    Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
    Effects: 75/150/225/300 damage to 3/4/6/7 targets

    The only spell that Rhasta can nuke out. Also, used for harassing and
    getting last hits. Important skill, sometimes used early game to get
    extra gold coins with creep kills.

    Mana Cost: 110/140/170/200
    Cooldown: 13 secs
    Casting Range: 500
    AoE: N/A
    Duration: 1.25/2/2.75/3.5 secs
    Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
    Effects: Turns enemy into critter

    Rhasta's hexing skill. Sometimes used with Ether Shock to add potential in it's effect, making use of the time. Also, useful on fleeing enemies.

    Mana Cost: 110/135/155/185
    Cooldown: 16 secs
    Casting Range: 400
    AoE: N/A
    Duration: 2.5/3.25/4/4.75 secs
    Allowed Targets: Enemy Units
    Effects: Disables the target, dealing 40 damage per second

    Rhasta's best disabling spell (In my opinion). In team battles, Shackles help
    out alot. Bind your enemies by a few seconds and their done for. Also,
    a few seconds are alot quite alot of pain if your allies are DPS
    (damage per second) heroes.

    Mass Serpent Wards
    Mana Cost: 200/350/600
    Cooldown: 110
    Casting Range: 550
    AoE: N/A
    Duration: 45 secs
    Allowed Targets: N/A
    Effects: Summons 8 Serpent Wards, which have 39-43(53-59 *)/54-58(74-79 *)/69-73(94-100 *) damage

    * Can be improved by Aghanim's Scepter

    Rhasta's Ultimate. Really makes up for it with 8 Serpent Wards.
    Although they can't move, they can help you to escape if you're in
    danger, help your teammates, or trap enemy heroes in them! And combined
    with disables, game over?

    Note: Aghanim's Scepter no longer increases the Ward-count. Instead, the damage is increased.

    4. Pros and ConsPros:
    [+] One of the best disablers in the game
    [+] Can singlehandedly turn the tides of a battle
    [+] Not really item dependant

    [+] Very fragile
    [+] Slow movespeed
    [+] Mostly the #1 target in team battles


    Disabler: I'm sure you know that 'Disabler'
    isn't a role, but I've just created one! (lol) Anyway, Rhasta, as a
    disabler, focuses on techniques to help, aid and assist teamates. Of
    course, the disabling skills can also help to grab a kill, or hold it
    up so your teammates know what to do.

    Ganker: Rhasta has also claimed to be a
    ganker, roaming in search of kills. You're underleveled, get a teammate
    and roam the map, grab a kill or two, and see how much improvement
    there is.

    Pusher: Yes, Rhasta is one of the best pushers around. Mass Serpent Wards, is just the right solution for bringing down towers at a high effiecency cost, of it's mana. Mass Serpent Wards can also help to farm creeps while their pushing, and in large numbers.

    III. Builds

    1. Skill Build
    'The Common Build'

    1. Shackles
    2. Ether Shock
    3. Ether Shock
    4. Shackles
    5. Ether Shock
    6. Mass Serpent Wards
    7. Ether Shock
    8. Shackles
    9. Shackles
    10. Voodoo
    11. Mass Serpent Wards
    12. Voodoo
    13. Voodoo
    14. Voodoo
    15. Attribute Bonus
    16. Mass Serpent Wards
    17 - 25. Attribute Bonus

    This build adapts to Rhasta's disable usages. With Shackles going first, you can be sure even if you meet heroes on the lane, it is worth a start. Voodoo is usually gotten last due to the massive mana needed. Another build would be to max out Ether Shock, then Voodoo, then lastly Shackles. Some people use the build for the extra disable they need. It is also a key that Ether Shock nukes out and harass enemies that get near the lane, so it is a powerful spell.

    'The Disabler'

    1. Shackles
    2. Voodoo
    3. Shackles
    4. Voodoo
    5. Shackles
    6. Mass Serpent Wards
    7. Shackles
    8. Voodoo
    9. Voodoo
    10. Ether Shock
    11. Mass Serpent Wards
    12. Ether Shock
    13. Ether Shock
    14. Ether Shock
    15. Attribute Bonus
    16. Mass Serpent Wards
    17 - 25. Attribute Bonus

    This is a different type of build, where people will make use of Rhasta's disabling skills. More importantly, a 2nd level of Voodoo can help alot in the early kills. So pick this if you think you're ready for some disable.

    'The Competitive Skill Build'

    1. Shackles
    2. Ether Shock
    3. Ether Shock
    4. Voodoo
    5. Ether Shock
    6. Mass Serpent Wards
    7. Ether Shock
    8. Voodoo
    9. Voodoo
    10. Voodoo
    11. Mass Serpent Wards
    12. Shackles
    13. Shackles
    14. Shackles
    15. Stats
    16. Mass Serpent Wards
    17 - 25. Stats

    The competitive skill build for Rhasta. Though I said that this guide
    is not suitable for competitive play, it's just a skill build to let
    you understand how to play for him.

    2. Items

    2a. Team Battle: 5v5

    If you're going for a team battle in DotA, 5v5, I suggest doing this:


    Total: 625 Gold.

    Why just this, and not other builds with Bracers? If you don't know yet, Null Talisman costs 25 Gold cheaper then Bracers, and you need extra gold early game to balance properly. Clarity to save you from running back to base, along with Tangoes.


    Total: 11175
    Gold. (This is possible if your team is owning early game, to mid game,
    and this is really costly, so you may want to exchange Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse for Aghanim's Scepter or Necronomicon.

    Why Boots of Travel?

    Questions for why BoT (boots of travel) equipped by Rhasta is and will
    be asked. Some people go for Treads, while it is worth it, or not?
    Travel makes Rhasta's pushing purposes alot more beneficial. It is also
    time consuming to travel from one place to counter-push or to push, so
    there we have the boots to solve Rhasta's pushing needs.

    Why Eul's Scepter of Divinity?

    Eul's is definitely needed to land your ultimate. Though it may just
    look plain, and only to help you land it, it has many purposes behind
    this item as well. Early game, you'll be harassing alot. And since
    we're going, for example, bottom lane for Sentinel, get a quick Sobi
    Mask from the side to increase mana regnetion. And so, Eul's solves our
    mana regeneration problem.

    Why Guinsoo's Scythe of Vyse?

    Another hex for you to abuse. Definitely, it may be costly, but you'll
    get what you need for it. The hexing purpose is also to help you land
    your Mass Serpent Wards,
    though Eul's may be a better choice. As I said, Guinsoo is costly, so
    you may want to swap it for Aghanim's or Necronomicon or any other
    boosting items you want.

    Luxury Items:

    Refresher Orb 5300: Due to the changes in 6.63(b), the cooldown is changed to a
    bigger amount, a 110 second cooldown. So, if you're getting hanged,
    rushed, chased, hit or whatever, and Wards are on a cooldown, reach for

    Aghanim's Scepter 4300: Due to the changes in 6.64, the Scepter DOES NOT
    increases Rhasta's Ward-count anymore. Which means, Scepter increases
    the damages of the Wards instead. But still, the damage is quite hard
    (with level 3 94-100 damage). Go along with it if you feel you're
    overpowered and can only count on your Wards to save potential lives or

    Necronomicon 2750: Many favourites between Rhasta users. This is considered Luxury since the uses of the Necronomicon Archer
    and Warrior both do wonders. You let them charge for the enemy, while
    you hide. When the enemy concentrates on them, come out of the darkness
    and do your best.

    Shiva's Guard 4700:
    Many attempts to fail at Ward-Trap doesn't mean that you'll fail
    disastrously. Get Shiva's Guard and go for the escaping enemy. Activate
    it, and, get your kill, if possible.

    2b. 1v1

    During 1v1 fights, it is expected to have alot of money in the beginning. So I'll let you have this build:


    Clarity is optional if you're playing
    -om, or something else. If not, spare the gold. Travel is advised to
    get since you're not going to waste money by buying Eul's first when
    you haven't even gotten your Ultimate.


    Mostly the same as the team battle build for the Core. No else.

    Other items that might help Rhasta:


    Ganking item, and since Rhasta is a ganker, he needs it, thought many people will consider buying it.


    Soul Booster is another cost efficient way of buffing up Rhasta if you don't feel like running back to the fountain.


    Another efficient way, upgraded from Soul Booster. Same as Soul Booster.


    Great item. Helps buff up Intelligence and increses the movespeed a
    little. Though I still recommend Travel for pushing, and lane
    dominating purposes.

    3. Rejected Items

    Heart of Terrasque: 5500

    Vanguard: 2225

    Remember: Rhasta isn't a tanker, therefore none of these items are needed.

    Divine Rapier: 6200

    Monkey King Bar: 5400

    They don't really work well with Rhasta. In fact, Rhasta doesn't really need extra damage.

    Battlefury: 4350

    Radiance: 5150

    Rhasta isn't a melee hero, why need another extra damage caused AoE?
    Yeah could help with farming but somehow, you're wasting money, IMO.

    Helm of the Dominator 1850: Rhasta doesn't need extra lifesteal. In fact, a few disables can cause him, sometimes not to lose a single life.

    Mask of Madness 1900: Why extra attackspeed? Don't see the purpose.


    Doesn't really suit Rhasta...


    Edited: No longer has the same recipe (with Diffusal Blade)


    An absolute no. Rhasta is no way,
    rightful to chase down enemies. This should only be given as a role to
    allies such as Lycanthrope, or other chasers, etc.

    Fun Item Build:

    Yeah, a Fun Item Build for Rhasta:

    6x -
    3x - and

    6 Perseverances is... chaos! You regenerate mana alot faster, and after Voodoo, Shackles, then Voodoo again, and Shackles once more. Even chasing, Ether Shock, then after the cooldown resets, once more!

    3 Soul Boosters and another 3 Bloodstones is
    much more of an undefeatable status, for Rhasta. In fact, how hard the
    enemy hits you, you'll keep hitting back, like nothing hit you. Maybe
    it can be better then Vanguard... but, who knows?

    IV. Early Game Strategy

    Early game, soloing mid lane is Rhasta's purpose. Or bot for Sentinel, top for Scourge.
    I can see why if you're in need of money or extra exp. Also, never
    skill any of Rhasta's skills first, because you won't know what you're
    facing. If you're facing no enemy, I suggest picking Ether Shock instead. Since you're going for last hits/denies with no one to disrupt you, I don't see why not.

    If you get Ironwood Branches first, I suggest getting Healing Slaves over Tangoes. Why? Rhasta's low health early game will be a disruptance. Or, if you need another, I suggest buying extra Tangoes.

    V. Mid Game Strategy

    Mid game for Rhasta mostly is to join in between and fro of team
    battles. With disables going around, the enemy will hardly touch you,
    but you'll evenly touch your enemy. Also, maybe during this time, your
    enemy will try to do means to take you down. You're probably the #1
    target in team battles. It may be an honour to be the prority target,
    but nevertheless, you must becareful even if you're ganking quite well.

    They say, if you want to kill an enemy around mid game, hide in the
    trees, surprise your enemy. Start by the same combo, then once your
    Warding cooldowns, rinse and repeat.

    VI. Late Game Strategy

    More or less, your item build should be ready by now. You don't have to
    really matter much if you're going up against another hero. I know the
    nerf about the Mass Serpent Wards, to a higher cooldown. If you're just finished with Mass Serpent Wards, keep farming. You just need to waste time before you can reuse Mass Serpent Wards again. Or, you can use Refresher Orb.

    Late game here, you must be precise with Rhasta. Alot of advantage will
    be taken, so I suggest trying to stay with teammates at all times. If
    enemy is on your lane, never alert them. Instead, call for allies and
    deal with them together.

    VII. Good Allies and Bad Enemies

    I'll go through some popular allies that'll help you out.

    1. Good Allies

    Stunners/Trappers/Supporting Spellcasters

    Basically, supporting spellcasters and other stunners/trappers are well
    hooked for you. They can help you to get the enemies while you ward
    trap and finish them off.


    These heroes can finish the enemy off if they live and escape. So help to disable them so they can go for the kill.

    2. Bad Enemies

    Their so bad if you mix with them...

    I wouldn't mess with them if I were you.

    Extra heroes that could beat you down.

    3. Special Mention:

    Axe. Yes, Axe... And why? He's a deadly threat when shifting lanes and
    if you meet him early on. With he's Battle hunger, you'll hardly get
    any kills (not kidding), even if you did, Counter Helix will be on you.
    And so, even if he's Ward-Trap, Counter Helix still activates! You're
    worst enemy. Switch lanes IMMEDIATELY if he's on your lane, and don't go alone to kill him.

    VIII. Screenshots/Combos

    1. Screenshots

    This is a screenshots focusing on Rhasta vs Krobelus (Death Prophet) of Ward-Trap.

    Rhasta goes near to Krobelus, attempting to Ward-Trap her.

    Beginning to aim the Warding, while Lanaya (Templar Assasin) comes to help.

    Yes! Ward-Trap success! But it's not over. Krobelus could get out and escape Lanaya's skills. Time to Shackle...

    And so, Shackles brought her down! Now Lanaya focuses on hitting
    Krobelus while the wards concentrate on her as well. A few more

    First Blood! Nice going between them. (Notice the computers are Easy. This are for demonstrating purposes only)

    How to Ward-Trap a Moving Unit

    Right Ward-Trapping Attempts:


    Failure Ward-Trapping Attempts:


    2. Combos

    Well, if you think this section just manipulates the thoughts above
    about Ward-Trapping, then you're wrong. Rhasta's disable skills have
    alot of potiential in bringing in alot of new combos, with the deadly
    vast of items as well.

    So, for this thought on Ward-Trapping first, here's the combo, with pictures:

    -> ->

    Basically, this is the same Ward-Trapping skill used above. It carries
    alot of pain in this combo, so try out on heroes that are more
    vulnerable to magic damage trapped in the wards. Also, when the hero is
    trapped, double-click your wards and attack that hero. You'll lessen
    his/her chance of escape, and finally, a kill with Ether Shock.


    If you think you're not suitable with instant Ward-Trap, you can:

    -> ->

    This combo works if you're not really good between the Ward-Trapping yet. With Voodoo first, you slow the enemy down. Then, with movement speed decreased, trap him in encaged, and Shackle him. Then hit if he escapes that process. Then Ether Shock. Also, you will need alot of mana if you're doing this combo, so becareful.


    Items also bring in help, like this combo:

    OR OR] -> -> ->

    Or, you can replace Shackles with Voodoo agianst
    heroes that have Magic resistance (like Anti-Mage, Gorgon). They make
    them even less vulnerable, and lets your team handle them much better.

    Guinsoo: If you let Guinsoo first, then
    it's the same process with the Ward-Trap, where you go slow, and
    carefully so you don't miss your Ward-Trap. And then, the rest of the
    combo resets.

    Eul's Scepter: If you're going for Eul's
    Scepter first, you must remember 3 things: 1. When will the Cyclone
    end. 2. Targeting the enemy a few seconds before the Cyclone is
    prefectly done sweeping up. 3. The shadow of the hero. This can really
    help too, if you're not too sure how to Ward-Trap yet. Stopping the
    enemy in his tracks and make him vulnerable to act. You may want to
    Shackle and Voodoo afterwards in case he gets away, but I doubt it.
    Your Ward-Trap is more or less, encaged - then nuke.

    Necronomicon: If you're choosing
    Necronomicon, I suggest summoning them, hit the enemy, then Ward-Trap
    before adding on the disables. And while being disabled, destroy their
    mana! This makes them more or less useless to you. Also, this makes
    them unable to blink, invisible, because of their loss of mana.

    When killing enemy heroes without Ward-Trap:

    When you're going to kill enemy heroes without Ward-Trap, you will need another ally, to help you. Why? Even with Ether Shock, Shackles and Voodooing,
    the enemy is still able to get away, a few hp before it is pwned. So I
    suggest to bring another ally. While you disable him with Voodoo and Shackles, your ally will take him out. If he escapes, use your nuke, Ether Shock to get the last damage.

    Heroes to becareful when Ward-Trapping:

    Nessaj (Chaos Knight): Can make images
    with Phtantasm, allow him to escape from the Ward-Trap. I suggest
    getting your Nercomancers to slow him down, making him lose mana faster.

    Slithice (Naga Siren): Same as Nessaj,
    Slithice will escape your Ward-Trap, slow you with traps and finish you
    off. Another idea would be to Voodoo, then Ward-Trap and Shackles as soon as she becomes back to her former self.

    Mangix (Pandaren Brewmaster): Able to
    split into 3 of itself, also escaping from the trapping. Once free, he
    can use his 2 other split self to attack you. I suggest you to
    Ward-Trap him, then Shackles. Once Shackles dies out, Voodoo after. This can make him trapped in much longer, and lose health quickly.

    Terrorblade (Soul Keeper): Able to make
    images. Among the other 3, Terrorblade is different. After confusing
    you, he will steal life from you, while the image beat the hell out of
    you. I suggest using Eul's Scepter, if can, and also Ether Shock if he manages to image out. If he escapes, Shackle him, then Voodoo before hitting him down.

    XI. Replays:

    MadHatter's game with Rhasta. He did pretty well with it even though he was playing Rhasta for the first time.

    XIII. Last Word

    this is not the real way to play Rhasta. It's just my playing style and
    what I've gone through with Rhasta. In definition, Rhasta may not be
    suit well for some causes (like tanking, carry, etc), so just don't get
    the wrong idea. Also, I hope that fellow people who like Rhasta's
    disable skills can also maximize your potential in playing him by also
    surprising your enemies. Go in the trees and Ward-Trap and other
    stuffs. Also, hope you get to try out new item combos!

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    Re: [] Shadow Shaman [] - Wards'up?

    Post by -cs^TorreS on Sat Dec 19, 2009 10:17 pm

    Nice biography of the Character. Gud job switch. But there are some mistakes in here

    1. The one who made the bio forgot to add that, bounty hunter can survive inside the wards.

    2. And the phase boot thing is definitely wrong . When chasing a hero, rhasta is very usefull if it has an ally with him. With phase boot, he'll go through the creeps and then shackle and the ally will do the rest.

    3. Axe is not much of a prob for rhasta at early even when solo. Because without dagger, axe cant do anything effective against rhasta. Where as, lvl 6 rhasta will have the capability to break down towers a lot fast. The biggest prob for rhasta has been BLOODSEEKER.

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